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Over the long weekend my better half I went to Evergreen Brickworks. It is full of beautiful trails, forestry and wild life.

I brought my iPhone and my macro lens. The above is what I was able to capture.

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Another macro photo of some flowers in the Junction Triangle Railpath.

I edited it two ways: the one above has a vintage feel to it and the one below has kind of a Betsey Johnson feel. I dig both.

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I shot this photo last summer (2010) but never got around to editing it until now. The photo is of a flower – not sure what type. I made up that latin-ish sounding title.

It was growing in and around the metal mesh fencing in the Junction Triangle Railpath. It reminded me of a graboid monster from my favorite movie Tremors starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward.

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Yesterday I downloaded the iPhone app called Picture Show. Backstory: Around lunchtime, I decided to make a salad. While washing the romaine lettuce, I noticed a couple dead fruit flies nestled between the base of two leaves. Horny to test out the new app (which by the way is on sale for 99 cents right now), I grabbed my macro jelly lens, positioned the carcases amongst some strawberry tips that were ready for the compost bin, and took some quick shots.

The above are the fruit of my efforts.

You begin by either shooting or importing a photo. To get the ball rolling, there’s a red button in the top right corner that you can tap to generate random mixes of all the different filters and frames. I spent a good 15 minutes cycling through them to see what the app had to offer. Sometimes I’d love the way the colour filter looked on the image, but the frame and the light leak it chose to pair it with just didn’t feel right. You can go into the menus to change each effect.

In version 3.1.1 there are 23 frames styles, 13 noise effects, 10 light leak effects, and 5 different lenses: single, quad, vertical quad, multi-exposure, and halfshot. You can also control the RGB colours, tiltshifting, cropping, flipping, and HDR (which to me is just sharpening). Bonus: Any mixture you create can be saved as a recipe for later use.

Some other features include being able to put text on the image, and sharing/posting your work straight to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger and Tumblr, or by email. Overall, a very fun app to mess around with. At a sale price of 99 cents, I give this app 5 stars.

One tip I recommend is as soon as you open the program, go straight to the settings and change the resolution to ‘Original’. I edited a couple really nice images and by default they were saved at the lowest setting of 600 x 800. I want my images to be the highest quality possible should I want them printed in future.

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