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For the past year or so, I’ve been quite interested in raw food-ism and the holistic hippie-ish kind of lifestyle that goes along with it. Peace, love, happiness, being one with nature, seeking sustenance from only what the planet and sun provides… etc etc.

I’ve gone so far as to join Raw Food Rehab – an online forum and support group for people just getting started with raw foods. Featuring weekly empowering videos, recipes and how-to’s, I’ve become quite attached to the warm and welcoming faces of Penni Shelton and Dara Dubinet. But I gotta say it, raw food-ism is a rich girls hobby.

Before raw foods, I ate mostly frozen dinners. I would wait until the ones I liked were on sale for one or two bucks, then I’d buy about 15 boxes to stock up my freezer. But now that I’m trying to cut out processed foods, these cheap $2 meals are no longer an option. Salads and green smoothies are the key to success in the raw food lifestyle. However, each ingredient in a salad or smoothie costs around a dollar, give or take. If you have many ingredients – tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, onions, cabbage, carrots, etc – a simple salad can start getting kinda pricey.

So anyway, in an effort to try and reduce the costs, I decided to go another round at container gardening. Last year didn’t go so well. I sowed a few seeds, but obviously I wasn’t paying much attention. My better half tried to take over, but ultimately we harvested about 6 peas, 3 stubby carrots, and 2 split tomatoes. I knew had to get into a rhythm with these plants if I wanted them edible.

Since my iPhone is like my right arm, I used an app called RE:minder2 to send me alerts at 7am and 8pm, reminding me to water the plants. So far it’s working! Well, keeping the plants watered is working. The little cucumber pictured above is steadily growing into a fresh, delicious snack! But it hardly makes a dent in shaving some cents off my grocery bills…

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